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Cultivating the Garden of Data With AWS Datazone

2023-10-11 AWS Timothy Patterson
I have said it many times before, “Data is the new seed of innovation.” Data stands as the foundational seed from which innovation sprouts, but how we manage and nurture this data determines whether we cultivate a thriving garden of insights or merely a compost heap of unsorted information. Enter Amazon DataZone. What is Amazon DataZone? Amazon DataZone is a data management service designed to streamline the process of cataloging, discovering, governing, sharing, and analyzing data. Continue reading

Prompt Engineering with AI: The Art of Asking for What You Want

2023-10-09 AWS Timothy Patterson
In the world of sales, one principle has stood the test of time: the importance of asking for what you want. Whether it’s nudging a prospect towards a deal or clarifying a client’s needs, the clarity of one’s ask can make or break the outcome. Interestingly, the same logic applies in the realm of AI, particularly in the emerging discipline of Prompt Engineering. What is Prompt Engineering? At its core, prompt engineering is the science and art of designing effective prompts to guide AI models, specifically language models, to produce desired outputs. Continue reading

The Corporate Ladder & Generative AI Training: How Alex's Professional Journey Mirrors AI Training Techniques

2023-09-28 AWS Timothy Patterson
In the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence, understanding advanced techniques can sometimes feel overwhelming, but what if we could unravel these complexities through a relatable narrative? In this blog post, we’ll journey alongside Alex, a fresh business graduate, and discover how his professional experiences draw uncanny parallels with the intricacies of generative AI models. From prompt engineering to fine-tuning and domain adaptation, let’s dive into the world of AI, all through the lens of Alex’s corporate adventures. Continue reading
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